ROTOFIT eliminates hose twist and torque that may cause premature hose failure.

Twist and Torque are cause of premature hose failure. The connection system: insert-hose-ferrule is NOT designed to withstand repeated and high torsional moments.The level of torsional stress, is generated by the hose layout on the machine & application characteristics.


hydaulic hose failures


The benefits of using Rotofit:

  • Reduction of possible leakage points
  • Reduction of assembly cost
  • Risk reduction of assembly operation mistakes
  • More safety in severe working conditions



  • Working pressure  from 35MPa to 42MPa
  • 15 alternative rotation x minute
  • 40° of angle rotation
  • Working temperature -30°C +110°C with standard seals in NBR (other material on request)
  • Full flow design minimizes pressure drop
  • Cr3 surface coating