Manuli Forest Master


New Superior Performance Hose Assemblies for Forestry Machines

Subject to high working pressures, harsh environmental conditions and constant mechanical impact and abrasion, hydraulic hoses on forestry equipment must be of the highest standard to meet the needs of the industry. The ForestMaster hose range from Manuli Hydraulics has been specifically designed for the forestry industry, and guarantees real-world long service life in even the most demanding of applications.

ForestMaster hoses offer the following benefits:

  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Improved service temperature down to -46°C
  • High flexibility
  • Multiple assembly solutions


Designed using the latest technologies to ensure high pressure resistance and mechanical robustness, the ForestMaster range is organised into two Isobaric lines:

ForestMaster/35 - Suitable for working pressures up to 350 bar and currently available in DN19 and DN25 sizes.
ForestMaster/42 - Suitable for working pressures up to 420 bar and currently available in DN19 and DN25 sizes.



Unbelievably flexible no compromise on psi



The use of timber as a resource is constantly on the increase. As a result the need for high-quality, long service life equipment in the forestry industry has never been greater.